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Late Arrivals Early Pick Ups

Attendance Matters

How to drop off your student late & Pick them up early

 Is your student arriving late?

If your student is arriving late to school due to a doctor or dentist or other appointment please have them check in at the attendance office with a signed note.
You may also call the 503-431-5431 to notify us of your student's late arrival. 

Please note the following reasons are NOT excusable and will be recorded as tardies: slept through alarm, long line at Dutch Bro, heavy traffic, couldn't find parking. 

Need to pick your student up early?

If you know in advance that your student needs to leave early please send them with a note to take to the attendance office in the morning. Attendance will provide them with a pass to leave class at the appropriate time. 

You may also call, 503.-431-5431 to request your student be pulled from class early. Please allow at least 15 minutes for us to excuse your student from class.

All students need parent permission and to sign out in the attendance office prior to leaving school early.