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Why do I need my student s ID number

Did you know the THS attendance hotline often receives

over a 100 messages a day? Even more heading

into a holiday break or 3 day weekend!

Know your Student's ID #

The best and easiest way for us to find your student in our system is their student ID number. 

This is a 6 digit number that can be found:

  • In ParentVUE under "Student Info"
  • On a report card
  • By asking your student

Write it down, save it in your phone or memorize it and then always reference it when calling in an absence.

Why the ID # is important

 Why it can be difficult to find a student in our system without an ID number:

  • Unique spelling of names. If your student has a unique name or spelling don't assume we know how to spell it. If you don't have the ID number please spell any names with unique spellings.
  • A very busy and loud reception area makes it difficult to hear messages.
  • Many of you call on cell phones and the poor reception makes it difficult to hear and understand the message.
  • With 1800 students we have numerous students with the same or similar names.

Providing your student ID number and leaving the perfect voice mail message ensures that your student's attendance will be updated in a timely manner.

How to leave the perfect attendance message

Thank you for helping us out by 

always referencing your student's ID number!