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Project Submissions

The production lab is looking for manufacturing projects! If you would like to submit a project to be manufactured by the production lab students, please email the following information to Mr. Woodward at

  • Description of how the part(s) will be used.
  • Detailed dimensional drawing(s) and/or CAD model(s). (The Production Lab uses SolidWorks).
    • If no dimensional drawings or CAD models exist, students/Mr. Woodward will work with the customer to generate this information.
  • Desired part material(s).
  • Delivery date for the part(s).

If the project is school appropriate and is able to be manufactured in the lab, students will generate a quote and begin designing/manufacturing the part(s). After manufacturing has been completed, students will verify the parts are within customer specifications in the metrology lab. If the parts are deemed acceptable, they will be delivered to the customer.

The lab strives for perfection, but please remember that its primary goal is to serve as a training ground for high school students. Many of the students are using this equipment for the first time which means there is a non-zero chance that mistakes will be made. All efforts will be made to create dimensionally accurate parts, on schedule, but please be patient and understanding with the students.