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Financial Aid

What is Financial Aid

 Financial Aid includes three different types of programs: - A grant or scholarship is free money, doesn't have to be repaid and may be awarded by the school, the state, or the federal government. -Work study gives you the opportunity to work on campus for money that can help pay college costs. -Loans provide resources that have to be repaid, usually with interest.

FIRST -  Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or the FAFSA for short.  This form is the be all and end all of ALL FINANCIAL AID FORMS and it will get you far if you take the time to complete it.  The FAFSA is your ticket to federal loans and grants.  It is used to determine how much aid you're eligible for.  For more detailed information, to get your Federal Student Aid ID and to complete FAFSA on the Web:

SECOND:  Start looking for scholarships!  Your Naviance Family Connection account has a list of all scholarships as well as our THS website.  These are updated at least weekly.  Also, visit scholarship search sites to discover scholarships which you may qualify for. A list of such sites and links are listed under "Scholarships" in the "Helpful Websites" section.

THIRD:  Start looking for grants!  Visit the Oregon Student Assistance website for more information:  

FOURTH:  Once you decide where you're applying for admission, Find out what financial aid forms and deadlines each college has!  Does the school require any financial aid paperwork in addition to the FAFSA?  Requirements vary from college to college - make sure you know the rules!

FIFTH: You may need to take out a loan to pay for college.  The Federal Stafford Loan is likely to be part of your financial aid package.  Visit these sites for more information on loans and other types of federal student aid: Federal Students