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Grading System

The following describes criteria for scholastic marks

A = Superior- special recognition
B = Above average - exceeds regular requirements
C = Average - meets regular requirements
D = Below average - fulfills minimum expectations
F = Failing, minimum requirements not met and lack of competence demonstrated

Credits and grades previously earned by transfer students shall be matched to the high school grades and graduation requirements as fairly as possible.


Students who have failed one or more of the core classes listed below may have an opportunity to recover the credit through anonline program called Nova Net. These opportunities are available during the school day, primarily for juniors and seniors.Credits available through Nova Net are:

Algebra 1,2     English 9,10,11, 12     Physical Science
Biology Geometry Physics
Chemistry Government Pre-Algebra
Earth Science Health 1, 2 US History
Economics Integrated Math 1, 2, 3 World History
Environmental Science

There are other credit recovery options available at a cost to the student. Students should contact their counselor for a completelisting of accredited alternatives. Prior to enrolling in a recovery course outside of Tigard High School, students must consult with their counselor. 

Grading Options: All courses are graded A – F unless otherwise stated. Juniors and seniors may choose to take certain elective classes pass/fail;arrangements must be made with the counselor and teacher by the end of the 5th day of the grading period. Special requirementsand restrictions apply. Students need to check with their counselor.

Add/Drop Policy: Forecasted classes cannot be changed.Students may not change their schedule unless one of the following three problems exist: 1) The student has been assigned thewrong level of a course, 2) The student has an incomplete schedule or unscheduled block, 3) The student is missing a core class.All schedule change requests that do not meet the criteria must be approved by an administrator and communicated to the student’sparent or guardian prior to the change. Approved schedule changes must be made within the first 5 days of the semester.Students enrolled in year-long, every-other-day courses or semester long, every day classes are required to remain in the classfor its entirety. Students will receive a “WF” (Withdrawal with an “F”) if the course is not completed.

Incomplete Grades: Teachers may initiate an Incomplete Contract with a student for extenuating circumstances, i.e. prolonged illness, injury or familyemergency. Incomplete contracts are not to be used to provide students additional time to improve grades or to completemissing homework, tests and quizzes due to poor attendance or lack of effort prior to the grading period. Studentshave until the end of the 2nd week following the grading period to complete the work required under an Incomplete Contract. Theteacher or student may appeal this time limit by contacting the Associate Principal of Curriculum. There will be an “I” on thestudent’s transcript until the contractual time period has expired or the work is completed. If the incomplete contract time expiresand the student has not made up the work, the “I” will be changed to the letter grade designated by the teacher on the contract. Ifno letter grade is listed on the contract, the “I” will be changed to an “F”.